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I have seen goat in Indian recipes and kid on Greek restaurant menu. What are they taste like?

Goat can have a strong taste, but the flavor is mellowed by being cooked slowly with spices, as it is in Indian and Caribbean recipes. This slow cooking also helps to make the meat more tender.

In Mediterranean countries you are more likely to find lean young goat called kid. It is very tasty and has the fat on the outside rather than being marbled throughout the flesh. Kid can be ordered locally from specialty butchers and may also be available from Indian and Middle Eastern suppliers. If the meat is labeled 'halal', the animal has been slaughtered in accordance with the Muslim law, just as 'kosher' meat is slaughtered according to orthodox Jewish religious law.

Cook young goat in the same way you would cook young lamb. Kid is a favorite for spring festivals in France and Greece, roasted with herbs over an open fire.

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