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What can be done with large broccoli stalks, instead of just throwing them away?

Cutting chunky stalks into diagonal slices produces attractive shapes, which can be cooked separately. They can also be added to the florets, or chilled and used later in a stir-fry or a soup, curry or casserole. Even thick stems can be used if they are first sliced into very thin discs. Cook these for the same time as the rest of the broccoli.

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What is the difference between purple and green broccoli?

There are two sorts of broccoli, sprouting broccoli with purple or white heads, and calabrese which has blue-green heads.

Sprouting broccoli is leafier than calabrese and can be served as a starter vegetable in its own right, with mayonnaise. Green broccoli, called calabrese, reflects the vegetable's Italian origins. The cooks of Calabria chop the florets into a pasta made salty-sweet with anchovy sauce or paste and some sultanas. This is then topped with crisply fried breadcrumbs.

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