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What type of batter should be used to coat fish before deep-frying?

Batter is used to help protect delicate foods such as fish from the intense heat of deep oil. A crisp coating forms which stops oil penetrating the food, so it stays soft and tender inside. The batter used for fish is usually a savory coating batter, using beer instead of milk to add flavor as well as air, or a more robust yeast-raised batter.

Yeast batter is preferred for the coating of fish because although it is strong enough to protect the fish, it has a particularly light texture. To make a yeast batter that will coat 350g fish, you will need 1 teaspoon dried yeast, 150ml milk or water, 125g plain flour and a pinch of salt. The yeast is dissolved in the liquid and then added to the flour and salt.

Unlike an ordinary batter, yeast-raised batter is beaten vigorously to develop gluten in the flour. Leave it to stand in a cool place for up to an hour, until risen and bubbly before using.

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Why is pikelet tend to be stodgy even though the batter has been left to rise?

Pikelets, just like waffles, need a raising agent to help make them light and bubbly. And that is why self-raising flour is used for them. One disadvantage, however, is that self-raising flour starts into action as soon as it becomes wet, so the batter must be used immediately.

If self-raising flour batter is left to stand, the bubbles escape and the results will be heavier instead of a lighter pancake. So the secret is to make the batter just before you make the pikelets.

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