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Abalone is commonly seen and eaten in Chinese restaurants but never seen to be on sale. What is it actually?

Sometimes abalone is also known as paua and it is a large shellfish commonly found in the South Pacific and on both the North and South American coasts. In around Tasmania and along the south coasts of Australia, the blacklip and greenlip abalone could be found. The edible part of the shellfish is the muscle with which it clings to the rocks, concealed beneath its single pearly shell. To tenderize it, it has to be beaten. It has a delicate flavor that is much prized in the Asian cooking and can be eaten raw or very quickly seared in butter or oil once it has been tenderized.

It is difficult to find fresh abalone, but you can buy canned abalone in the Asian stores. The abalone should be sliced thinly and then poached briefly in chicken stock, stir-fried or simply served with a squeeze of lemon. Sometimes, scallops are used as substitute in many Chinese recipes that call for abalone.

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