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What is the difference between the various white and brown flours?

Wheat flours are defined by the percentage of bran (the fibrous skin) and wheatgerm (the nutritious embryo of the wheat kernel) that remain after grains of wheat are milled. But most of what is left after grinding is the starchy endosperm, or inside of the wheat.

* Wholemeal flour is made from the whole grain, with nothing added to it or taken away.
* White flour has about 75-80 percent of the wheat grain.
* Malt flour has been fortified with malted grains which have been sprouted.

Other wheat flours include atta, bakers flour, continental flour, gluten flour, sponge flour and unbleached flour. Several other cereals, roots and seeds are milled for flour, such as barley, besan, buckwheat, corn, oat, rice, rye and soy.

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What material should a flan dish be made of for the best results?

A dish which heats up rapidly is best for making flans. Short crust pastry needs a quick burst of heat so the starch grains in the flour will swell and then burst and absorb the melting fat in the pastry mixture. Unless the fat is absorbed quickly the pastry will be limp and soggy. This is also true of pastry which is to be baked blind before being filled.

Metal is a better conductor of heat than ovenproof china or glass, and pastry will cook more quickly in a flan tin or in a metal ring placed on a baking tray. A fluted flan tin with a loose base is easier to use than a fluted ring, which must be put on a baking tray.

China flan dishes are attractive but are not so good for cooking. To make them more effective, put them on a baking tray which has been preheated in a hot oven.

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Some restaurant serves a delicious dessert of fruit flambe, Can we make this at home?

Yes, flambeed food makes a spectacular show and is quite simple to prepare at home. To ensure ignition, heat the spirit before you light it, just long enough to warm it, but not so long that it allows the alcohol to evaporate. Keep your face and hair well away from the pan while you are setting fire to the alcohol and make sure that there is nothing else nearby or above that can catch fire. With practice, and a good spirit burner, you can even flambe the fruit in front of your guests at the table.

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