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When making bouillabaisse, the bream and flathead used often disintegrate. Is there other fish that might be more suitable?

The classic recipe for bouillabaisse from Marseilles in the south of France uses local fish, many of which cannot be found outside the Mediterranean. But you can make a variation without them. The secret is to prepare a rich broth first with trimmings from the fish you buy. Add the fish for the last 5-8 minutes only, to ensure that they will not overcook and disintegrate.

Firm-textured fish such as eel, red emperor, gurnard, jewfish, John Dory, mackerel, morwong or mullet are best, but any similar white or oily fish that are in season will do. It is traditional to leave the fish on the bone as this helps to keep the flesh intact during cooking and also improves the flavor. For extra interest, you could also include squid, and shellfish such as mussels, shrimps or scallops.

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Fish is one of the easiest things to cook in the microwave. Which cuts of the fish are the most suitable, and how do we go about cooking them?

Fish is excellent when cooked in the microwave, retaining its texture and shape as well as its natural juices. Because it is cooked with no or little added liquid, there is minimal loss of nutrients.

Fish steaks and fillets are most suitable to cook in the microwave, because they cook quickly and evenly, but whole fish such as whiting and trout weighing up to 500 g are suitable, as are small whole fish such as sardines and pilchards. Microwaved white fish can look bland, but can be made more appetizing by basting with soy or other flavored sauces.

To microwave whole fish, slash the skin in two or three places on both sides so it does not burst during cooking. Then place the fish in a microwave dish and shield the head and tail with small strips of foil. Steaks should be laid in a round dish with their thinner ends facing inwards. Fillets should be placed in a single layer, folding the thinner ends underneath so they do not overcook. Whole or cut, all fish should be covered with a microwave-safe top before cooking and turned over halfway through.

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Grilled fish is healthy, and what is the best way to cook it so it stays moist?

Grilled fish is not only healthy, it is also very quick and easy to cook. Chopped fresh herbs, a couple of tablespoons of virgin olive oil and plenty of coarsely ground black pepper will greatly enhance the flavor - especially if you leave the fish to marinate in these ingredients for half an hour or so before cooking. Whole oily fish such as mackerel, sardines and trout are easy to grill because their natural oils baste the fish and keep it moist.

Thick, firm-textured fish fillets and steaks, from fish such as salmon, rainbow trout, swordfish and tuna, can also be grilled in the grill pan or in a ridged, cast-iron frying pan. Do not put them on the grill rack as they may break up.

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