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What are the recommendation for non-bony fish?

Fillets of ling and ocean perch have no small bones that would bother children, only large bones that can be easily seen and removed before cooking. Flatfish, such as fillets of flounder and sole, also have no small bones but have sweet flesh that appeals to children. Fillets of coral trout are also suitable.

Putting the fish into a potato-topped pie is a good idea because you can check for bones when skinning and flaking it. Encasing boned fish in pastry is another option; try cutting the pastry into a fish shape and marking scales on it. Suitable fish are bream or snapper fillets; salmon is particularly good as the rich color contrasts well with the pastry.

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How to determine if a fish is ready to serve? We always seem to either undercook or overcook it.

One of the worst things you can do to fish is to overcook it, and as it cooks very quickly it needs to be carefully watched. Properly cooked fish is moist, tender to the bite and full of flavor. Test the fish when it begins to look opaque. Gently prod it with the prongs of a fork: when the flesh will flake easily, the fish is done.

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Is it necessary to cook fish the same day it is bought?

All fishes are highly perishable, especially once they have been cut. It is best to buy fish whole and have the retailer clean or fillet it while you wait, or prepare it yourself just before cooking. Generally, fish is best eaten within 24 hours of purchase. Oily fish go off more quickly than white fish because their oils oxidize, causing the flesh to go rancid. Fish with their guts intact also deteriorate quickly, so gut fish before storing.

To store fish, remove it from its wrappings, rinse it under cold running water and pat it dry. Then rewrap the fish loosely in a sheet of aluminum foil or a clean plastic food storage bag and store it in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

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