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Can we bone a duck in the same way as chicken to make it easier to carve at the dinner table?

Yes. Boning a duck takes a bit of time and patience. But it can be done in advance and the stuffing gives you the chance to add texture and flavor. You can bone the duck in the same way, as a chicken, or ask the shopkeeper to do it for you.

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What is the difference between a duck and duckling, and what are the most common types?

A duckling has not yet reached its second-feather stage, which occurs around the age of two months. Nearly every oven-ready duck you buy is really a duckling, as it is the practice to slaughter commercial birds at about six weeks old. The variations in oven-ready weight, 1.5-3.5 kg are related to differences in breeds rather than the level of maturity. Ducklings are available either fresh or frozen all the year round.

Nearly 85 percent of ducklings available locally are the white-feathered Peking ducks. The Chinese community value the Peking duck for its lean meat and skin that will crisp to a fine golden brown color.

As well as the massive production of Peking ducks, Aylesbury, Lincolnshire and Muscovy ducks are also available. The Lincolnshire is a lovely eating duck, as it has less fat. The Aylesbury and Muscovy are larger breeds of duck.

Few ducks of any kind are kept more than 12 months, except those that are used in France to produce foie gras de canard, a delicacy made from duck liver. It is as good as that made from goose liver.

Ducks are sometimes tricky to cook at home, and many people prefer to consider them a dining-out treat.

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