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Why does creme caramel sometimes contain so many air bubbles?

Creme caramel is cooked in a bain-marie in order to achieve a slow and gentle transmission of heat to the egg mixture. If the egg custard is not cooked in a bain-marie, the oven heat will go directly into the mixture and cook it too quickly, resulting in a custard that contains air bubbles and a grainy or curdled texture. If this does happen there is no remedy. Immersing the dish in cold water will help to stop the cooking process quickly, but it may already be too late for rescue.

Small air bubbles, giving the custard a pitted appearance, can also be created if cold milk was used to make the custard instead of milk that was heated first. You should have no problems with air bubbles if you follow the recipe closely.

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Can we make creme brulee without a proper grill?

Yes, this classic French dessert is made from a thick, baked vanilla custard and sprinkled with caster sugar which is melted to caramel. This is usually done under a grill but the dish can also be browned in the oven at 200 degrees C for about 15 minutes, until the sugar bubbles.

Alternatively, you can make a caramel topping separately by gently heating 125 g (1/2 cup) of sugar in 125 ml of water until it dissolves, then boil until it changes to a rich caramel color and pour it over the custards. Leave for a few minutes to harden, then serve.

Or pour the caramel thinly onto a greased baking tray, allow it to set, then break it into small pieces and sprinkle over each custard.

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