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Making Mushroom Powder

How to make mushroom powder
Another way to use dried mushrooms without soaking them is to grind them into a powder that can be added to a recipe as a seasoning. Don't worry about grit this way, because any grit in the mushrooms will be ground so finely that it will be unnoticeable. Dried mushroom powder can be sprinkled into a sauce, a stew, or a soup. It will swiftly season a breading for fried chicken as well as the gravy that is served with it. Dried mushroom powder can be added to salad dressing or pasta dough or sprinkled into simmering rice.

To make mushroom powder, coarsely chop a few dried mushrooms, place them in the well of a mini food processor or other small-size food processor, and process in pulses until finely chopped (you can also use a clean propeller-blade coffee grinder). Then, process continuously until the mushrooms turn into powder. Store in a tightly closed container indefinitely.

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