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How to prolong the useful life of an oil?

First, select the right pot. Opt for a stainless steel rather than an iron pot because the latter will hasten rancidity. For the same reason, choose a tall and narrow, rather than a squat and wide, pot to minimize surface area. Oxygen is an enemy of oil.

The longer an oil is heated, the more quickly it will decompose. Therefore, do not preheat the oil any longer than is necessary. If you are cooking more than one batch of food, add each new batch without delay (unless time is needed to adjust the cooking temperature). Turn off the heat immediately after removing the last batch from the oil.

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Why should spices in general not be added until near the end of the sauteing process?

Most spices including peppercorns and cinnamon will scorch when subjected to very high heat or temperatures for more than a short time. And this high heat during sauteing will alters the chemical composition of the spices, giving them a disagreeably bitter flavor. As such, it is advisable to add the spices towards the end of the sauteing process to avoid this problem.

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Do we need to reseason leftover dishes?

Very likely. Almost any leftover dish needs to be re-seasoned with aromatic flavoring agents (herbs, especially). Most of the essential oils of these agents are lost during the storage and/or reheating processes. But do not add more salt. This mineral retains virtually all of its original sensory impact.

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What causes gelatin desserts to develop a rubbery skin?

There are several possible causes. In some cases, the surface of the prepared gelatin was exposed to air for too long. (The dish should be kept covered). Sometimes the cause is age - so serve the dish the day you make it. At other times, the cook used too high a proportion of gelatin powder to liquid.

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Why should potatoes be pierced before they are baked?

A pierced baked potato will have a better texture - mealy rather than soggy - because more of its moisture can escape. Even people who prefer soggy-textured baked potatoes should pierce the potato deeply at least in one spot. Otherwise, the trapped steam can explode the potato.

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