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Can a curdled custard be saved?

There is no miracle remedy, but it will help to remove it from the heat immediately. You could try straining it into a cold dish sitting in a bowl of ice cubes and beating it vigorously, or you could try to rescue it by blending or processing it. This might restore some of the smoothness, and if it is not too overcooked it can still be used, but the flavor will be affected. Another way of partially recovering curdled custard is to whiz it in the blender with a small amount of cooled custard made quickly with about 1 tablespoon of custard powder.

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Is crawfish another name for crayfish or are they different?

They are different. The Australian crayfish is actually a rock lobster. Rock lobsters are also known as crawfish, langouste and spiny lobster. They are served as lobster in Australia and also around the Mediterranean. Although they have only small claws with not much meat, the fine white body meat is excellent and there is a good proportion of it in comparison to total weight. They are commonly sold at about 2 kg weight; you should allow 600-700 g shell-on weight per person.

Crayfish, on the other hand, are small freshwater crustaceans found in Britain, Scandinavia and in the bayous of Louisiana, where they feature in Cajun cooking. In most recipes, large shrimps or yabbies can be substituted with freshwater crayfish.

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How to cut up the flesh from a fresh coconut?

After cracking open a coconut and cutting the flesh from the shell, remove the paper-like brown skin with a small paring knife and shred the flesh in a food processor or grate it by hand. If you need thin flakes, use the wide cutting blade on a grater or a mandolin cutter.

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If we want to use fresh coconut instead of desiccated, should we use the same amount?

The flavor of desiccated coconut is more intense than that of fresh coconut. So if you need to use fresh coconut to replace desiccated, ensure that you use at least twice the amount of fresh coconut, be it flaked, grated or shredded.

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Can we use any type of preserving pan for making chutney?

Only stainless-steel or aluminum pans should be used for chutney. Copper pans, which transmit heat quickly, are good for making sweet jam but not for soaking fruit or making preserves such as chutney that contain vinegar, as the acids react with the metal.

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How to reduce the amount of fat in chips?

Deep-frying by traditional methods trebles the kilojoule content of the potatoes, but there are several ways to control this. Traditional chips are made with floury potatoes that soak up fat: use waxy varieties instead. Do not peel them as the skin helps to reduce the fat and is a good source of fiber. And cut chips in thick wedges rather than thin fries so that there is less surface area and the chips will therefore absorb less fat.

Dripping or lard used to be the traditional cooking medium; but for healthier chips, switch to v egetahle oils. Such as sunflower or peanut, which are high in mono-and polyunsaturated fats. Be sure the oil is hot enough: when the temperature is too low, the chips will absorb more fat.

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Roasting fresh chestnuts on an open fire.

Before roasting fresh chestnuts, split the skins first to prevent them from exploding. Shake the chestnuts over the fire in a long-handled frying pan, turning them occasionally, until the skins are blacked. The chestnuts will peel easily when cooled slightly.

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Attractive bird

If you want to avoid unattractive holes in your poultry when carving, turn the fork over. With some practices, you will find that you can actually hold the bird securely with the back of the prongs without making marks in the meat. Try it.....

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