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Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki (Flammulina velutipes, formerly Collybia velutipes)
This Enoki mushroom is also known as enokitake, enokidake, and golden mushrooms depending on who you talk to. These waifs of the mushrooms world are easily identified by their long, skinny stems and tiny caps, which are usually the size of a pencil erasers. They grow in clusters and are sold in vacuum-packed pouches to extend their shelf life. Trim off about 1 inch from the stems at the bottom, where the fused stems begin to separate. The taste of these mushrooms is fairly bland, but the texture of the caps is firm and bouncy. Because they are so exotically beautiful, enoki are often added to salad and open-faced sandwiches, dropped into a stir-fry or hot soup at the last moment, or used as a garnish. They are best when eaten raw or just slightly cooked.

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