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Medium and Short-Grain Rice

Medium-Grain Rice
This is another all-purpose rice. Kernels are shorter and a bit wider than long-grain varieties. This rice type is useful for making rice porridge and cooks up soft with a slightly sticky texture. It is also good as an everyday plain rice.

Short-Grain Rice
The most popular rice in Korea and Japan, often called sushi rice, is the variety used, mixed with sugar and rice vinegar to make sushi. Kernels are stubby with a plump almost round shape. Short-grain rice is slightly stickier than long-grain, making it easier to eat with chopsticks. When properly cooked it tends to form clumps of soft grains that cling together and have a shiny texture. Short-grain rice is commonly used for making rice porridge (congee) or enjoyed as plain table rice.

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Basmati Rice

An aromatic long-grain type with very slender kernels, this rice is grown in India, Iran and Pakistan. It is aged for at least a year after harvesting to let it develop its full flavor. Both brown and white types are available and they have a nutty aroma and taste. Basmati rice expands greatly, especially lengthwise, as it cooks, creating distinct, dry, fluffy grains. Ideal for Persian and North Indian dishes as well as an excellent everyday rice.

Look for brands from India and Pakistan in brown burlap bags, often with colorful lettering and sewn-up handles. Royal Basmati in 11-pound burlap bags is good. Texmati is a Texas grown type of basmati, similar in character to the ones from Northern India.

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