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About Macadamia Nuts

Although native to Australia, where it is also known by the names of Queensland nut and Australian hazel, the macadamia nut is practically synonymous with Hawaii. Macadamia nuts are among the richest nuts in the world. They turn rancid quickly, so store them in a tightly closed jar in a cool place and use as soon as possible. Always taste one first before using.

To chop macadamia nuts easily, just place a clean kitchen towel between the nuts and the cutting board so that the nuts won't bounce off the board while chopping.

Macadamia nuts could be used to add crunch in rice pilaf. Add about half cup chopped macadamia nuts when making your favorite rice pilaf. Salted macadamia nuts can also be used as sweets. Just place them in a strainer and rinse under running water to wash off the salt. Place them in a dry skillet and shake the pan over low heat until dry.

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