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Fat Skimming

When cooking meats in liquids such as stocks, soups, sauces, and braises, the fat will rise to the surface, where it can be easily skimmed off if necessary.

To remove fat from hot liquids where the amount of fat is small on the surface like a stock, soup, stew, or sauce, fold a sheet of paper towel in half and pull it across the top of the liquid to absorb the fat. (When using a two-ply towel, peel it apart to get a single sheet.) Repeat until no more fat is visible, using new towels as needed. Or use a ladle and tip it slightly to skim off the surface fat. If necessary, place the skimmed liquid in a bowl and freeze for 30 minutes to recapture any liquid that you may have skimmed off with the fat.

You can also pour the liquid into a fat separator, a type of measuring cup with a spout that pours from the base of the cup so that the fat rests on the surface and stays in the cup. These inexpensive gadgets work especially well for defatting gravy

To remove fat from hot liquids using ice, place a few ice cubes in a slotted spoon and drag it across the surface of the liquid. The ice will attract fat like a magnet. Discard the ice cubes before they fully melt.

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