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Is it necessary to peel zucchini?

The skin of young zucchini is thin and need not be removed for most purposes, but the dark green skin of older zucchini can be bitter and should be removed. One garnishing treatment calls for just some of the skin to be discarded: using a potato peeler, shave the vegetable thinly lengthways to produce very thin slices. Throw away the first slice and the last, which consist mostly of green skin, and drop the remaining, green-edged slices into a pan of boiling water. Drain and refresh them under the cold tap as soon as the water returns to the boil.

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If a recipe calls for cream, could yogurt be used instead?

Yes, yogurt can be used instead of fresh cream in many dessert recipes, such as cheesecakes, ice cream, mousses and cold souffles. The flavor of the finished dessert will be sharper when made with yogurt rather than cream, but it will be just as satisfying.

Yogurt is also an excellent substitute for sour cream in savory dips, marinades and salad dressings. And in the Middle East it is strained overnight through a sieve lined with muslin to produce a soft yogurt cheese, called labne. This is served plain, or flavored with herbs such as thyme.

There are many types of yogurt available, ranging from those with a very low fat content to creamy and thick Greek-style yogurts, which can contain up to 7.5 percent butterfat. But even the thickest yogurt contains less fat and kilojoules than fresh cream, so it makes for healthier dishes.

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Can yogurt be frozen?

Full-fat yogurts generally freeze better than lower-fat ones, although they will separate when thawed. All yogurt should be defrosted slowly and given a good whisk before being used. Plain yogurt can be kept frozen for up to two months. Yogurt with added fruit, honey or flavoring freezes slightly better than the plain variety, and can be kept frozen for up to three months in the sealed carton it came in. Homemade flavored yogurt should be frozen in sturdy plastic containers with tightly fitting lids.

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