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Is plastic wrap safe for all kitchen use, or does it affect some foods?

Plastic warp is indispensable in the modern kitchen, but there have been fears in recent years that some of the substances used in its manufacture could migrate into foods, particularly those with a high fat content such as fried meats, pastries and some cheeses. The manufacturers have carried out research into the matter and now give consumers the following advice.

All plastic wraps, as well as food wraps that contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PE (polyethylene), are suitable for use in contact with all foods, except almost pure fat, such as lard, oil or foods in an oily medium (for example, tuna or meat that is being marinated). If plastic wrap is in direct contact with these, a small migration of substances will occur.

Never use plastic wrap on warm food, or where it may melt into it, such as in a conventional oven. When reheating or cooking food in a microwave oven, do not let the plastic wrap touch the food.

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