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What is the best way to prepare a fresh pineapple?

First cut off the top with its spiky green plume and then take a thin slice from the base; stand it upright. With a large knife, cut the skin downwards in wide strips. Then, with the tip of a knife, remove the hard brown eyes from the surface of the pineapple flesh.

If you want to serve the pineapple in rings, cut it into slices of the required thickness. For wedges or cubes, cut the fruit lengthways into quarters, slice off the core from each piece, then cut up the flesh. Pineapples can also be hollowed out to act as a container for sorbet, ice cream or fruit salad. First, slice off the top of the pineapple leaving a good wedge of skin attached to the green plume, then cut a sliver from the base and stand it upright. With a pointed stainless-steel knife, carefully cut down into the pineapple just inside the skin. Work the knife right round the pineapple. Make several cuts across the flesh and remove as much of it as you can. Continue cutting until all the flesh has been removed.

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