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How to use microwave oven safely?

Do not use metal containers, china with a metallic trim or wire twists as metal may cause damage to the component parts. However, very small pieces of foil can be used, as on a chicken where the wings are cooking too quickly. Secure the foil with toothpicks as it must not touch the walls.

Use only microwave-safe plastic containers. You can use plastic cooking bags designed to withstand roasting or freezing, but make a slit in the bag to allow steam to escape. To cover food, use a perforated plastic lid or microwave-safe plastic wrap folded back at one corner.

Cooking eggs in their shells causes a build-up of pressure and they may explode unless cooked in a special microwave egg-boiler. Foods such as potatoes or apples should be pricked all over for cooking in their skins. Membranes line egg yolks need pricking too.

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