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Why should we remove a roast from the oven slightly underdone?

Assume that you want to cook your roast to 140 degrees F of doneness and you leave it in the oven until it reaches that internal temperature. Although the middle of the roast may be 140 degrees F, the meat near the surface is probably hot enough - around 160 to 180 degrees F - to continue cooking the colder center while you are allowing the roast to rest before carving. By the time the temperature equalizes throughout a thin cut of meat (under 3 inches at its minimum diameter or point of thickness), its interior temperature will have climbed about 5 degrees F. The center of a roast over 12 inches thick will increase in temperature approximately 15 degrees F after the meat is removed from the oven. The center of a medium-thick roast experiences roughly a 10 degrees F rise. These figures refer to medium-rare meats. The rise will be about 10 percent less for rare roasts, 10 percent greater for medium, and 15 percent greater for those that are well done. You can test the temperature of your roast with an oven thermometer.

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