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Are fresh vegetables more nutritious than frozen ones?

When referring to vegetables fresh from the farm, the answer is a resounding yes. However, a frozen-food product is likely to be more nutritious than non-frozen vegetables that have meandered along a time-consuming route from earth to palate. Typically, a slow truck transports vegetables from the farm to a warehouse, where they wait until they are shipped to the supermarket, where they wait until a customer takes them home to the refrigerator, where they wait again until the home cook decides to use them. When this journey is long and drawn out, as it usually is, the vegetables lose more vitamins than if they had been fast-frozen.

Under these circumstances, the product found in the supermarket's frozen-food section is often more nutritious because if food processors are going to preserve their vegetables successfully, they must select only those that are the freshest and in the best condition, and they must normally freeze them within hours after they have been harvested, if not sooner. In addition, their freezing process is extremely cold and quick. However, a shortcoming of freezing, or course, is that it deteriorates the texture of the vegetables.

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