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Which is better, an electric or a gas oven broiler?

The electric oven wins hands down when it comes to choosing between a gas or electric oven broiler. Electricity is by far the best energy source for the oven-broiler unit, for many reasons. An electric oven reaches the desired temperature more quickly, and if the oven has cooled because the cook opened the door, it regains the programmed temperature in less time. Generally, an electric oven is more accurate (particularly at low temperature settings) and maintains a relatively steady temperature. (Many gas ovens, unless turned on full blast, fluctuate by 25 degrees F or more around the programmed temperature in a roller-coaster fashion). Many electric ovens are self-cleaning because they can reach a very high temperature. Since the broiler is built into an electric oven, it is easier to reach and can accommodate thicker foods. Finally, an electric oven heats the kitchen less (a boon when the room is hot; not so when it is cold).

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