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Is a convection oven better than a traditional oven?

Both the convection ovens and traditional ovens depend on convection heating. The salient difference between the two is that the convection oven uses the principle of convection more effectively. It has a built-in electric fan that increases the circulation of hot air molecules within the oven. This increase in air circulation is a boon when you roast meat or bake breads and pastry (but has no effect on covered foods). Since the oven temperature is uniform throughout, the food's surface will be more evenly cooked and browned (though the outside of a meat does not develop as appealing a crusty texture). Another advantage of the convection oven is that it reduces the required temperature and cooking time and therefore meat shrinks less. Furthermore, most meats do not require basting, and so the cleanup chore is less bothersome because there is less splatter. Energy cost savings are often realized because of the unit's efficiency and generally more compact size.

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