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Why should a breaded food be allowed to rest before cooking in hot oil?

Binding the bread crumbs to the food is vital. If they fall off into the oil, they will burn, imparting a bitter flavor to the food, discoloring it, and lowering the smoke point of the oil. Though there is no sure-fire way to keep every bread crumb from coming loose, you should do everything possible to minimize it.

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Why we should not crowd a pan with food when frying?

It is unsatisfactory to fry or deep-fry in oil that isn't hot enough, and since the addition of room-temperature food will surely lower the temperature of a hot oil, it stands to reason that you should not cook too much food at any one time. The less food you add to the oil, the smaller the drop in oil temperature and the quicker the temperature recovery time. When deep-frying, use at least six volumes of oil for each volume of food.

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