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Is cholesterol unhealthful?

Cholesterol is not a dire threat to good health per se. It is essential for bodily functions, including the building of cell membranes and sex hormones. You can get your necessary supply of cholesterol from your liver (where it is produced) and by eating foods of animal origin: meat (especially fatty cuts and organs), dairy products, and eggs. Although your body needs some cholesterol, an excess amount in your arteries can cause coronary heart disease and premature death.

If your serum cholesterol level is below 200 milligrams per deciliter of blood, you probably don't have to be concerned about lowering your level because you're classified in the "desirable blood cholesterol" group. If your level is between 200 and 239, you should give serious attention to reducing your level because you're in the "borderline high blood cholesterol" group. If your level is 240 and above, you're classified in the "high blood cholesterol" group - and failure to go on an immediate and strict cholesterol-lowering diet would be foolish if not ultimately fatal.

So please check your cholesterol level regularly.

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