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What biscuits to use as crumb crust for a cheesecake?

Plain sweet wholemeal biscuits are the best choice for making crumb crusts. Look for the granita variety, as their texture combines well with melted butter to give a firm base. If a recipe calls for a chocolate crumb, use chocolate-flavored biscuits, not chocolate coated.

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How to avoid biscuits from getting burnt edges?

Oven temperatures do vary. If you think your oven may be slightly too hot, check the heat by using an oven thermometer. An extra minute or two can be crucial when you are baking thin biscuits, and you may find you need to use a slightly lower setting than the one indicated. Avoid the temptation to overcook. Cooked biscuits may seem soft when they have just come out of the oven, but they will be firm and crisp when cool.

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