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How to make fresh fruit tarts in patisseries look impresive and shiny?

By glazing the fruit. The easiest glaze is made from jam, ideally the same flavor as the fruit in the tart. This should be heated with a little water, sieved to remove any seeds, stones and skin, then brought to the boil and brushed or spooned over the fruit.

Redcurrant jelly or apricot jam can be used as general purpose glazes. Alternatively, fruit juice can be thickened with arrowroot to make a clear glaze.

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Hulling strawberries

Soft fruits such as blackberries, loganberries, boysenberries, raspberries and strawberries are each hulled in the same manner. Gently but firmly, pull the circle of green leaves away from the berry; the white central core, or the hull, of the fruit will come away at the same time. In some varieties, or if the fruit is not very ripe, it may be necessary to remove the core of the berry with the tip of a knife.

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