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Where can we purchse bran?

Nowadays, many of the large supermarkets sell packets of bran, and they are normally found near the breakfast cereals. We can also buy bran in most good health food shops. It keeps well in its sealed packet or an airtight container, in a cool place, for up to three months.

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What exactly is bran?

Bran is the husk, or outer layer, of all cereals, although wheat bran is the most common bran sold commercially. Bran is usually separated from the grain during the milling process of flour production. It is a valuable source of fiber and is an added ingredient in many breakfast cereals. It is also sold simply as bran, which can be used to enrich breads, muffins and tea breads, or it can be toasted and used in muesli.

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Which are the best ingredients to use for braising?

Tougher cuts of meat, such as beef flank and older game birds, are ideal candidates for braising. They are often marinated in the braising liquid first to start the tenderizing process and then cooked in a slow oven at 140 degrees C, with vegetables and herbs to add flavor. The traditional vegetables are leek or onion, carrot and celery.

Some other wonderful combinations are shin of beef with Spanish onions and thyme, or with onions, paprika and tomato puree. Venison is a very low-fat meat and is often braised to keep it moist. It is very tasty marinated and braised in red wine flavored with garlic, juniper berries and orange peel. Pheasant is excellent braised in a mixture of chicken stock and white wine, with apples and celery.

Braising is also useful for vegetables with tough membranes which are then broken down by slow, moist cooking. Celery, for instance, is transformed into a mild aromatic dish when braised in stock and butter. Other vegetables that benefit from braising are fennel (delicious with olive oil and vermouth); artichoke hearts in beef stock with butter, thyme and a splash of red wine; leeks with butter and lemon juice; and chicory with chicken stock, butter and lemon juice.

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