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Is there an easy way to deal with globe artichokes which look rather spiky and daunting?

Globe artichokes is also known as French artichokes and they are the members of the thistle family. Globe artichokes are usually eaten as a starter in a meal. Boiling them until soft and then serving them whole is probably the easiest way to cook artichokes. When eating, you'll just need to pull off each leaf, dip in sauce and then pull the flesh off with your teeth, discarding the rest of the leaf. When you get to the papery purple leaves at the center, discard them by just pulling them off. Then cut away the choke and enjoy the delicious heart with a knife and fork.

Another way to prepare them is to trim the top third off each raw artichoke, then quarter them and cut out the chokes. Drop each piece as it is ready into a bowl of water acidulated with lemon juice to prevent artichoke from discoloration. Then cook them as they are or add them to vegetable stews or other dishes.

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