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Thickening liquid in cooking with arrowroot

Arrowroot and cornflour are used in the same quantities to thicken liquids and in the same way. In order to thicken 300 ml of sauce, such as a gravy or a custard, mix 2 tablespoons arrowroot with the same quantity of cold liquid. Heat the rest of the liquid to boiling point, then pour it into the blended mix and stir well. Return the sauce to the heat and bring to the boil, stirring continuously until it is thickened and smooth, then simmer gently for 1 minute. If you are making a glaze, use only 1 tablespoon of arrowroot for each 300 ml of liquid.

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What is the advantage of using arrowroot compared to cornflour when thickening dishes?

Arrowroot has tiny grains and is a pure starch, which makes it more easily digested than other thickening agents. It is suitable particularly for invalid diets. Arrowroot is also valuable for thickening liquids, such as fruit and vegetable juices, and to use in a glaze, as it makes a clear glaze with a gelatinous texture compared to cornflour which will go cloudy.

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