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Can we make a successful jam by using fresh apricots?

Yes, this is a good way to use up those imperfect or slightly unripe fruit. Apricot contain only a moderate amount of pectin and so the best way to ensure a good set, good flavor and attractive color is to use sugar that has added pectin and to follow the manufacturer's instructions. If you do not have any pectin, it might be necessary to add some lemon juice and to give the apricots a fairly lengthy boil in order to obtain a good set. However, this can darken the color of the jam and also affect the flavor.

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When baking apple pie, how can we stop the juices from leaking out?

Other than apples, there are also many fruits that make too much juice as they cook in a pie. And this juices will cause the pastry to become soggy or make it stick to the tin on cooling. To avoid the juices from leaking, toss the fruit in a little cornflour as this will soak up the juices and help to thicken them as they cook. Besides, you can also flavor the cornflour with spices of your choice if you prefer.

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