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What is aniseed?

Aniseed is the seed of the Mediterranean anise and this annual plant is a member of the parsley family which can grows up to a height of about 45 cm. It has sharply indented leaves and tiny, star-like white flowers which resembles both dill and fennel in appearance although its flavor is quite distinct compared to the other two. Despite its name, anise is not related to the star anise tree, which is an Asian flavoring.

The liquorice flavor is found in the seed, that looks much like a caraway seed which is small, oval, grey and ribbed. It is best bought already ground as it should be finely and evenly ground before use and it is difficult to grind evenly at home. Anise can be found in most supermarkets and because it could lose its flavor, it is best to buy a small amount and replace it often.

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How do we reduce the saltiness of anchovies?

To reduce the saltiness, just rinse the anchovies in cold water then pat them dry. Alternatively, they can be soaked in milk for about 20 minutes, then rinse and dry.

Jars of anchovies in olive oil are less salty than the canned brands, but they might cost more. However, there are some specialty shops and delicatessens that sell anchovy fillets marinated in olive oil loose by weight. These are sweet and delicious, and can be used in any recipe calling for anchovy fillets.

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