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Preventing pancakes from sticking

For a richer flavor in pancakes and crepes, and to help prevent their sticking to the pan, stir 1-2 tablespoons melted butter or oil into the batter before cooking.

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Barbecuing Sausages

If you are cooking lots of sausages over the barbecue, thread them onto skewers first to make turning them easier. The sausages will then brown more evenly as they grill.

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Barbecuing using fish racks

Barbecuing fish is easier if you use a special fish rack. To prevent the fish sticking to the metal, brush the rack inside and out with oil - but do not preheat it. Before starting, you can stuff a whole fish with fresh herbs or wrap it in vine leaves. Oil the fish or fish steaks, place in the rack, close it tightly and place the rack on the barbecue grill. Turn the rack over once during cooking and baste the fish often through the metal bars, so that the flesh will stay moist.

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Cooking asparagus

Asparagus takes 10 - 15 minutes to cook, depending on how thick the stalks are. These need longer cooking than the tips, and determining cooking time can be tricky. Here are three solutions to solve the tricky situations.

1. Using an asparagus steamer - To cook in a specially designed asparagus steamer, stand the stems upright in the wire basket and add water to about halfway up their length. Simmer until tender when pierced just above the water level with the tip of a knife.

2. In a wok - Shorter stems of asparagus can be cooked in a wok. Arrange them like the spokes of a wheel, so that only their bases are immersed in the cooking water. Cover with the lid and simmer until tender.

3. In a saucepan - Tied bundles of asparagus can be cooked in a deep saucepan, held up by new potatoes. Cover with a dome of foil tucked in tightly around the outer rim of the pan and cook until tender. The asparagus flavored potatoes can be eaten hot or cold.

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