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Why do some recipes specify using dessert apples and others cooking apples - Does it matter which ones are used?

When cooked, cooking apples and dessert apples react differently. If you want a soft and fluffy apples when they are cooked, a Granny Smith or similar cooking apples works best. If retaining their shape is important for the apples, especially on top of a flan or cake, then a dessert apple such as Cox or Golden Delicious is ideal.

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What is the difference between almond extract and almond essence?

Almond extract is a pure, natural product made from the oil of bitter almonds and it has a good flavor. However, the price is higher due to its quality. As for almond essense, it is made using artificial flavorings and is therefore much cheaper compared to almond extract. When cooking, it is worth the effort of seeking out almond extract in good delicatessens, health food shops and the larger branches of supermarkets. Whichever you decided to use, for the best results, always add cautiously.

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