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Why are meat and fish so often marinated before barbecuing?

Marinades are not only helpful in tenderizing meat but also enhance the flavor. And they are particularly useful for barbecuing, where the intense heat can result in dry food. Barbecue marinades are usually based on tomato, onion and garlic, which suit the smoky flavors very well. Tomato is often included for its tenderizing effect, but any other acid ingredients, such as vinegar or lemon juice, can also be used.

A marinade may include garlic, fresh ginger, lemon juice, olive oil, sherry and brown sugar, as well as soy sauce to provide a tangy falvor.

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How to barbecue a large piece of meat, such as a leg of lamb?

It is possible to cook a large piece of meat successfully on a barbecue, and the Christmas turkey can also be cooked in this way. This technique works best with a covered barbecue, which gives an indirect, reflected heat and much greater temperature control.

Place the joint on the grill, with a drip pan underneath to catch the juices, and adjust the air vents to ensure very slow, even cooking. Check the coals from time to time and add more charcoal gradually if it seems necessary. The cooking times are approximately the same as when you are using an oven, although they can be quicker. This is because temperatures fluctuate in a barbecue and may become a good deal higher than they would be in an oven. If you are in any doubt, especially with poultry, use a meat thermometer to check the joint's inner temperature.

An excellent method of cooking a whole leg of lamb is to butterfly bone it. The joint is opened out like a book and the meat takes less time to cook.

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What is the appropriate fish to cook on the barbecue?

Fish is an excellent food to barbecue. The intense heat and quick cooking sear the outside while keeping the flesh moist and full of flavor inside, especially those oily fish cooked whole in their skins are ideal. The skins will release their oils into the flesh while providing a protection against the heat, so the firm flesh does not easily fall apart.

Some of the very best fish to cook on a barbecue whole are like jewfish, kingfish, sea bream, mullet, salmon, sardines and trout. Barramundi are more expensive, but can also be cooked in this way. For easy handling and turning, use a special fish rack to barbecue fish..

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