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Are there any other ways of serving avocado other than plain avocado vinaigrette?

It is best to eat avocados when it is very ripe and uncooked. They are delicious when halved and stoned, served with an olive oil vinaigrette dressing. Avocados can also be pureed raw with chicken stock and cream, into a chilled summer soup. Their buttery richness works wonderfully well as a spread on toast and sandwiches, and in partnership with sharp fruits, such as tamarillo. By the way, avocados were once called 'poor man's butter'.

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Can brushing lemon juice on cut surface of an avocado prevents it from discoloring?

Brushing citrus juice or vinegar on cut surfaces of avocados is a way to conserve the pale green of the avocado flesh. However, it does not gives a long term effect as it will last for only a few hours, after which the avocado flesh will darkens. Instead, place a plastic wrap directly onto its surface will keep it fresh looking for about a day.

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