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Why is asparagus sometimes referred to as sprue?

Sprue is the name for the thinnnings or first pickings of the asparagus bed. They should be cheaper than asparagus proper and the flavor is good. They do not need to be scraped before cooking. When cooking, immersed them in water in a saucepan, and eat them either hot or cold, on their own or as an accompanying vegetable. You can also use them in stir-fries or with potatoes and peas or broad beans in an early summer vegetable stew. They can also be processed with some onion and potato to make a cream soup.

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What is the best way to cook asparagus and not spoiling the shape of the tips?

The best way to preserve the delicate heads is to cook the asparagus with the head above the cooking water. The stems should be cut off to a level that leaves them all the same size. Some even peel the lower stems with a small sharp knife or vegetable peeler, and this is certainly necessary with older asparagus, especially the white asparagus, which usually has a thick woody skin. Remember to wash the tips in cold water to remove any grit before cooking.

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When is the best time to eat asparagus as it seems to be available all year round in some shops?

In Australia, the asparagus season starts in August and will peaks for about three months. And this is the time to serve and eat asparagus at its best. Asparagus is great for salads, soups, garnishes or in crispy stir-fries throughout the year.

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