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When buying food labelled organic, does it always mean the product will be free of additives and pesticides?

When we buy organic vegetables and fruit, we are expecting them to be grown using only organic fertilizers like compost or animal manure and free from the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides. We are also expecting that there will be no synthetic additives been used.

Organic meat is taken to mean that the animal has been raised without using any antibiotics or growth-hormone substances, and that it has been allowed to roam in a free-range or pasture conditions free from chemical fertilizers, eat only natural food, not concentrates. The animal must be slaughtered in an abattoir or butcher's facility that is organic certified.

However, in many cases, food advertised as organic has not lived up to the customers' expectations. Unscrupulous traders are tempted to pass off non-organic produce as the real thing due to the higher prices that people are willing to pay for organic foods. Consumers should look for the 'certified organic' label which will identifies the food as meeting a specific standard that is regularly inspected.

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