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What is the best utensil to use when frying fragile type of food?

When using tongs to turn fish cakes or meat patties, they tend to crack and split open. What is the best utensil to use when frying this type of food?

Tongs are a handy utensil for turning some fried foods, such as bacon rashers, chops or cutlets which have a firm texture. However, the best utensil to use when frying soft-textured food, such as fish fillets, or coated food such as fish cakes or meat rissoles, is ideally a combination of two egg slices (also called fish slices). These are good for loosening, lifting, moving and turning over the frying food without damaging its shape or breaking the coating. Alternatively, you can use two palette knives or use one egg slice in conjunction with a palette knife.

Never use a fork when frying food as this breaks the seal and allows the fat to penetrate the food.

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