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Is there any advantage in using a nonstick frying pan instead of regular pan?

It is a very good practice to use a nonstick pan for a healthy low-fat diet. The fat content in most traditional recipes, which start with frying the ingredients - such as onions or meat for a saute or casserole - may be at least halved if you use a nonstick pan. For some recipes, all you need to do is brush the base of the pan with a little oil or spray the base with some olive oil or canola oil spray.

It is important to take care of nonstick pans by always cooking over a medium heat and by never overheating the pan when it is empty. Use non-metal tools when turning food and stirring, so that the surface is not scratched.

Clean the nonstick interior with a sponge, hot water and liquid detergent and never use wire wool, scouring pads or scouring powder as these materials can cause damage to the nonstick coating.

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Why do some recipes use a mixture of olive oil and butter?

Butter gives a delicious, rich flavor to food, but has a lower burning temperature than olive oil. When the two are heated together, the butter can reach the higher temperature necessary for frying and sealing certain foods, which helps preserve and develop good flavor.

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