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Are there any foods that cannot be frozen satisfactorily?

Some foods do not freeze well because the texture is ruined. This is particularly true of fruits and vegetables with a high water content, such as bananas, cucumbers, lettuce and watercress, although some may be frozen in puree form. Whole strawberries keep their color and flavor well and are excellent for combining in mousses, but the texture deteriorates and they become too soft to be used whole when thawed. Full-fat milk separates after freezing, but skim and reduced-fat milks that have been homogenized may be frozen for up to a month.

Eggs cannot be frozen in their shells; however, both whites and yolks will freeze well, either lightly beaten together or separated. Emulsion sauces such as mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce do not tend to freeze well because they will separate when thawed.

Jellies, both savory and sweet, lose their texture if frozen and would have to be reboiled and allowed to set again after thawing. Curries freeze well, although after three months the spices will change flavor and may become peppery or fade. The flavor of garlic-laden foods, for example soups and casseroles, will intensify during freezing and can become unpleasantly strong.

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Is it safe to eat frozen sandwiches after thawing?

It is well worth making sandwiches for the freezer if you eat packed lunches regularly. Use firm slices of bread and spread with softened butter right to the edges. Wrap filled sandwiches in plastic freezer film to keep them separate, then pack in plastic freezer bags.

Use cheese, meat, fish or pate for the fillings and avoid hard-boiled eggs which can go rubbery, mayonnaise which curdles, and fresh salad which goes soggy. Keep sandwiches in the freezer for no longer than two months. You can let them thaw in their wrappings for 3 hours or so during the morning. Transport them in a rigid, plastic box to avoid damage.

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Should we gut and scale a whole trout before putting it into the freezer?

Yes, it is best to gut fresh fish before freezing. Wash and scale the fish, then gut it and wash the cavity thoroughly under running water. Pat the fish dry and wrap it in foil then place in a sealed strong plastic bag and freeze. Whole freshwater and oily fish can be stored for two months while white ocean fish can be stored for two to three months.

Whole fish are best when thawed slowly to retain their moisture and texture. Fish steaks and fillets are best thawed too, but they may be cooked from frozen if you increase the cooking time by a third.

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