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Is there a difference between green and dark purple figs?

Figs are grown mainly in Greece and Turkey as well as in Australia. Those seen most often have green to purplish-black skins, but they can also be red or yellow, according to the variety. Some figs are much sweeter and more aromatic than others. Ripe figs, with a powdery, white bloom on the surface, have plump, soft flesh and are eaten whole, skin and all. They are perishable and will only keep for a day or two. Do not buy figs that give off a sour odor.

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How to cook fennel? Other than fish, does it go with anything else?

Florence fennel, or fennel bulb, does not have to be cooked; it may be thinly sliced and eaten raw, combined with some remoulade sauce, or tossed with sliced avocado, watercress and French dressing. To prevent cut fennel from turning brown at the edges, put the slices in cold water acidulated with a little lemon juice until it is cooked.

Thin slices of fennel are delicious grilled and added to a warm mixed salad of Mediterranean vegetables. Fennel heads can be quartered and cooked in a sauce, or steamed, poached or braised. If there are any fresh leaves attached to the bulb, reserve them to use as a garnish or toss with salad leaves.

Fennel's mild aniseed flavor matches poultry as well as fish.

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Is there any difference between felafel and falafel?

The answer is yes and no. Felafel are little patties made from chickpeas, burghul, garlic, lemon juice and spices. The mixture can be rolled into small balls with clean, cool hands, but a special utensil is used by Middle East cooks to shape them and slip them into the deep hot oil to cook.

The patties are used in a very popular 'street food' in the Middle East where, although an Arab invention, it is also known as an Israeli hot dog! The patties are tucked into halves of pita pocket bread or rolled up in flat warm pita bread, topped with tomato, lettuce and tabbouleh, then drizzled with harissa or savory tahini sauce. This whole assembled package is also known as falafel.

The spelling, however, appears to be interchangable for both the patties and the pita bread package. And they are one of the healthiest and most noufishing fast foods served today.

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