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Many cheesecake recipes specify the use of cream cheese. What would happen if we were to use reduced-fat, light cream cheese in them instead?

Many soft, fresh low-fat cheeses are suitable for making uncooked, chilled cheesecakes. You can substitute or combine reduced-fat cream cheese, neufchatel, ricotta, mascarpone, or quark. However, for a richer cooked cheesecake it is safer to use the cheese that is recommended in the recipe, or one very similar. Reduced-fat cheeses curdle more easily when heated and may separate in a cooked cheesecake.

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What is the best cheese to use when making cheese biscuits?

Choose a firm, hard cheese which will grate finely; ordinary Cheddar may be too soft and could produce a sticky dough that is difficult to roll. For a good strong flavor use a mature Cheddar or Gruyere, perhaps combined with some freshly grated Parmesa. To achieve a crisp, short texture, the pastry should be bound with a little egg.

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How to serve mascarpone?

Mascarpone is a fresh unripened cheese with a thick creamy texture. It should be used within two to three days of purchase. It is a versatile cheese and can be used in savory or sweet recipes. Try using it in place of sour cream in your favorite dip, or add it to a cheesecake. It is perfect accompaniment to poached fruit or fruit salad when mixed with a little brandy or liqueur and icing sugar.

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