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Recipes say to coat some foods in batter, others in breadcrumbs, before they are deep-fried. Why?

Batter is best for wet foods, such as vegetable or fruit fritters, because it sticks to the surface of these foods once they have been floured. The batter will puff up and seal in the moisture without changing the lightness of the food inside. Breadcrumbs, which are heavier, are best for foods such as fish and chicken which need to cook longer.

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Why are some foods coated before they are deep-fried?

Foods are subjected to a very high temperature in the deep-fryer. A protective coating prevents a hard, unattractive skin forming on the food while allowing the inside to cook slowly and thoroughly.

If deep-frying is done properly, the coating also creates a seal that stops a food's flavor from tainting the oil, so it can be used again. Sealing has the added advantage of preventing any dangerous spluttering or bubbling of hot oil, which can happen if food juices leak out.

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What kind of pan should we buy for deep-frying?

If we do a lot of deep-frying, an electric model has the advantage of thermostatic control as well as a charcoal-filter lid to prevent odors. Choose a pan with an automatic cut-off facility in case it is left on.

For occasional deep-frying, you can use a heavy-duty saucepan that is deep enough to hold a large amount of oil. We will also need a basket with mesh fine enough to keep the oil free of food particles. A close-fitting lid is essential for cutting off the air in case of emergencies.

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How to use fresh dates?

Fresh dates are available all year round, but in some countries, fresh dates are only available at certain time of the year. Try to buy the fresh dates when they are available. They are not only nutritious, they contain only half as much sugar, and twice as much fiber, as the imported sun-dried boxed variety.

When buying fresh dates, you should ensure that they are deep brown, plump and moist. They will keep well in the refrigerator for up to a week. You can wash the fruit and eat them as they are, or cut the dates in half, remove the stones and chop the flesh into salads.

Dates can be stuffed with soft cheese, almonds and other fillings to serve as savories. You can also offer them with after-dinner coffee. Fresh dates are also delicious in scones, slices, teabreads, tarts and sticky date pudding.

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