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We have used frozen corn kernels in rice salads and thick soups. Are there any other uses for them, and could we use canned instead?

When fresh sweetcorn is out of season, frozen corn makes a fair substitute and is better than the canned variety, which tends to lack that special juicy texture. Frozen corn can be stirred into a thick pancake batter to make corncakes (about the size of a pikelet), which are a very good accompaniment to fried chicken and great with a breadfast fry-up. They can also be served hot as a starter: place two or three pancakes in the cupped leaf of a crisp iceberg lettuce and accompany with a spicy salsa sauce.

Alternatively, it can also be served as a sauce or a starchy accompaniment to roast chicken, baked ham or smoked fish fillets.

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What is the best way to cook and serve corn-on-the-cob?

In late summer, the whole cobs make a splendid if rather messy starter to an informal meal. Strip off the outer husk, pull away the silky hairs and trim the stems. Cook them for 15 minutes at a rolling boil without salt, which makes the skins of the kernals tough and spoils the sweet flavor. You can add a pinch of sugar for extra sweetness. Serve them with butter or olive oil, salt and pepper or cayenne pepper. Baby corn cobs can be eaten whole but they lack the sweetness of full grown corn cobs.

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