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How to tell which oranges or lemons contain the most juice?

It is difficult to tell, but as a general rule, choose smooth, thin-skinned fruit that feel heavy as these are usually juicier than those with a knobbly rind. To get more juice out of a lemon or orange, roll it backwards and forwards under your hand on the work surface a few times before you squeeze it. If the fruit has gone hard, pop it into the microwave on High for 30 seconds before squeezing.

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Citrus fruits are waxed. Why is this done, and is it unhealthy?

After harvesting, most citrus fruits are washed before being packed. As the washing process removes some of the fruits' natural protective coating, they are given a thin coating of wax to help prevent hydration, extend storage life and improve their appearance. The waxes used for fruits are made from natural products and are also used to coat jelly beans. They must conform to food standards.

The washed fruit is also treated with preservatives and pesticides to prevent the fruit decaying and protect it against insect damage. These substances are controlled by state and territory legislation and safety assessment, taking account of the fact that the peel may be used for cooking.

If these additives make you uneasy, buy organic fruit which is neither waxed nor treated with fungicides. Seville oranges, used for marmalade, are usually free of wax and fungicide, but unwaxed lemons (unless they are organic) will have been treated with fungicides. It is best to scrub citrus fruit under a warm tap with a clean nailbrush before use, as the various substances can come off on your fingers and be eaten with the fruit.

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How to tell when a chutney has cooked enough to be bottled?

Chutney is ready when it has reduced and thickened to a jam-like consistency and no excess liquid remains. Long, slow cooking is best for chutneys, so that the ingredients can break down and all the flavor is extracted.

Once cooked and bottled, store chutney in a cool, dry, dark place for at least a month before eating, to allow the flavors to develop and mellow. If kept in the correct conditions, unopened jars can keep for up to a year. Once opened, consume within a month.

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What is actually 'onion confit' which we normally see in restaurant menus?

Onion confit is a popular feature in many restaurants, and is easy to make at home. Basically, it consists of either whole button onions or sliced onions, cooked very slowly in oil with spices, vinegar and sugar until they are reduced to a jam-like consistency. Herbs can be added to enhance the flavor.

Its full, rich flavor is especially good served hot with roast meats and game, or served at room temperature with pates and terrines.

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