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How much rice is required for a Chinese meal, and is it best to have a special rice cooker?

In Asia, rice is regarded as a bland base and contrast for richly sauce dishes and it is usually eaten in the ratio of seven parts rice to three parts other food. A typical Asian serving would be 100g of rice per head. Western diners like a higher ratio of main dish food to their rice, and the usual serving is 60-90g per person.

In some parts of Asia, electric rice cookers have become very popular. These are worth the expense only if you frequently cook large quantities of rice. The simple and effective way to cook perfect, fluffy rice is to use what many homes already have, which is a microwave oven.

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There are so many variety of chilies. How should all these different types be used?

Chili is one of the world's favorite seasonings and there are hundred of types. The capsicum family of pepper-producing plants were introduced to Europe in the 16th century from South America. Chilies were then taken to India and Asia where they became popular.

Some chilies are used fresh and the type of fresh chili you choose for cooking will have a considerable effect on how hot the finished dish will be. Others are dried and ground and used to make such ingredients as chili powder, cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes. Chilies are also used in fiery sauces like Tabasco.

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