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What is the best technique for carving poultry?

When carving small poultry, use a short, flexible carving knife and a table fork or small carving fork. It is much easier to carve chicken at the table if the wishbone is removed before the bird has been cooked. The method is quite simple. Just pull back the skin at the neck end to expose the breastbone, then cut and scrape with a short, sharp knife to extract the wishbone. Do not cut too deeply into the meat as you work. After the bone has been removed, tuck the skin back under the bird.

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Are there any general rules for effective carving of meat?

For regular, attractive slices, make sure that the cuts go across the grain of the meat. Cutting with the grain tends to result in slices that are shredded and stringy. However, when carving undersides of joints like sirloin of beef or leg of lamb, it is easier to cut more thickly and with the grain of the meat.

Cold meat is generally sliced thinner than hot meat. If you are going to serve the meat cold, wait until the joint cools before carving or the slices will lose their juices, color and texture. it is also much easier to carve a cold joint.

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Is it better to carve meat on a board or on a plate?

You can use either a board or a plate as long as it is large enough and sits firmly on a surface that is nonslip. The platter or board used should be almost flat, as carving in a deep dish is virtually impossible.

If the table is slippery and the serving plate is china, put a cloth mat or folded napkin underneath to keep the dish from moving. And while it may look attractive to put the potatoes and other vegetables around the joint, this can make carving awkward and messy.

Another essential requirement for carving is a razor-sharp knife and a carving fork with a guard to prevent the from knife slipping.

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Does the way carrots are cut affect how the vegetable cooks?

The way carrot is chopped does affect its finished texture. Carrots that are sliced into discs cook soft and are ideal for simple boiled carrots or to be made in purees. Batons, which are cut lengthways, can be cooked fast and stay crisp for stir-fries or to toss into pasta. You can also 'roll-cut' a carrot for maximum surface and angles so that it will caramelize.

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Are there any herbs that would add a bit of excitement to a plain vegetable like carrots?

Carrots are simple and go well with almost any herb. In winter, dried thyme, rosemary or even lavender bring a fragrance to the sweet, maincrop vegetable. Dill is the gentle, classic herb used with all types of carrots, while mint is a spring and early summer favorite. Parsley is a good addition any time, as is coriander, particularly if you like your carrots cooked in a blend of orange juice and butter.

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