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When cooking, which is the best or most versatile butter to use?

A lightly salted butter is fine for general cooking purposes except where the recipe specifically calls for unsalted butter. Using butter in cooking adds flavor and a certain richness to foods, as well as improving the taste and appearance. Unsalted butter is ideal for many cakes, sweet pastries and biscuits.

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Sometimes why do we need to add oil to butter for frying?

Butter is not easy to use for frying. In addition to butterfat, it contains water, milk solids and other impurities that make it burn at lower temperatures than most vegetable oils. By putting a little oil in the pan, then adding the butter and cooking the food over a low heat, you can help to prevent the butter from burning and spoiling the dish. You can also minimize the problem by using clarified butter.

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What is the difference between salted and unsalted butter?

Salted butter is cooled pasteurized cream that has been churned to form large globules of butter. After the remaining liquid from the cream (buttermilk) is drained off, a maximum of 3 percent salt is added. Unsalted butter is produced in the same manner, but without the salt added. In some countries, unsalted butter is also known as sweet butter.

Cultured butter is also unsalted. Before churning, a selected culture is added to the cream, which is held at a controlled temperature overnight to allow the development of an acidic flavor.

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What is burghul, and why does it cook so quickly?

Burghul, which is also known as bulgur wheat, or cracked wheat, is wheat that has been steamed, dried and cracked, which enables it to readily absorb moisture. Brughul is therefore ready to use in recipes far more quickly than the whole grain. If burghul is to be served in a salad, such as Middle Eastern salad tabbouleh, it is usually to soak the grains for 30 minutes and then use them without further cooking.

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